This weekend was great! Brad and I stayed home and did absolutely nothing…literally I woke up on Saturday and found Brad already awake watching a movie on the couch (Apollo 13 on USA), and just sat down with him…and we really didn’t move for the rest of the day! Although I guess I can say that I actually did get a lot of work done. Brad and I ended up watching all three Bourne movies – we had borrowed the 3rd movie from a friend – thanks Julie! So, since I had seen the first two, I kind of half watched them while working on the website from home on my laptop.

We’re having some difficulties finding our website’s niche I think – we are really needing to angle towards people my age and younger, but the content is really struggling. People my age don’t care about the news…and if we do, it’s usually just national stuff, not local.

So, I’m trying to figure out how to market our site to be the hip, wonderful place it’s supposed to be – well, forget the marketing, it needs to BE that place. So far I’m not having humongous brain waves of ideas…although I read an article the other day about something called the Social Media Starfish – I think this could hold some useful information on how to change – or utilize the site in different ways.

Really, I think it all comes down to just FOCUS – right now we’re all so worried about getting New Media off the ground and running that we keep trying to put a million projects on there at once, instead of really concentrating on 2 or 3 projects and doing them well. That’s going to be job in itself – convincing others at the station to just step back and focus…

Anyway, that’s the end of my work rant…I guess it wasn’t such a lazy Sunday after all! ;)llama.jpg

Oh…and I’ll leave you with a picture of Brad from Fossil Rim…he really thought the llamas were cute(although I don’t think this is a true llama, but they’re related so close enough!)

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